Thursday, 19 January 2012

sa nou menm

just going through some of the holiday snaps from my gorgeous christmas holiday with my family, and you really can't get somewhere more picturesque and beautiful than the little sunny isle of st. lucia. sa nou menm, loosely translates to 'its ours' in the st. lucian creole language of patois, (this little phrase is seen everywhere as it is the motto for the proud st. lucian piton beer) i thought i would share what 'its ours' means to me, and why i'm proud to consider st. lucia as one of our homes. 

beautiful, stunning beaches. some black sand, some white sand and some even pinky toned sands, gorgeous turquoise sparkling oceans and bright sunshine!

st lucia is my little brother's home, spending almost half of his life there, he's such a cool dude :) 

st lucia's diverse beautiful landscape, this is my favourite spot on the island called mont du cap, you feel as if you are on top of the world up there :) 

the amazing nature and wildlife on this island

the many absolutely breath-taking sunsets, the colours are magnificant, photos don't do these events the tiniest bit of justice!

bye bye st lucia, view from the plane. it's so sad to leave all my family and this gorgeous sunny place, but these photographs make me happy to be able to call this little island one of my homes and i can't wait to go back! :) x 

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