Monday, 9 January 2012

sunday lunches

growing up i can't recall a single sunday we weren't meeting friends, whether old or new, all enjoying our sunday's together either boating down to our favourite hideaway, having a bar-b-que at home or going out for a lovely late sunday lunch. we had a brilliant childhood, always up to something exciting, and something would always be exciting - broken down boats, jellyfish infested waters, bbq on fire and huge thunder storms mid-journey! made for some very entertaining sunday's, as i've gotten older and moved away from home these memories invariably stick with me and they are what i most look forward to when i come back, spending quality time with everyone, enjoying our family and friends company and of course some extremely yummy food! 

yesterday was my last sunday on this beautiful island and as with the norm we had lots of people round for a late lunch, savouring all the delicious food and wine we were sharing and generally having a lovely afternoon in each others company. definitely worthy of my last sunday of the holiday, here's to many more sunday memories to come :) x 

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