Sunday, 8 January 2012

sweet fuh days

finally back from a flying visit to the rock, what an amazing time! seeing missed old friends, reuniting as if no time had passed since last visiting them three years ago... spending our days chilling on gorgeous white sand and turquoise sea beaches, eating 'nuff' bajan food including plenty of cheffette broasted's, macaroni pie, even some flying fish and sipping ice cold rum 'n sprites, sounds pretty much like paradise if you ask me! it was lovely to be back after so many years, everything was almost as i had left it except for a few new buildings here and there, exaggerating the fact that life really does move slowly on these islands, exactly what was needed for a relaxing week in the sunshine to help me prepare for going back to university in a week! 

time has gone at lightening speed since coming home three weeks ago, its honestly frightening... the thirteen week semesters seem to drag on by, feeling as though they might never end, whereas, here in the sunshine (i blame the sunshine) time seems whizz by before you know it and you're planning your last few days, frantically squeezing in all the beach time you can and making the most of the family time you have left... here's to a cram packed sunny week :) x 

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