Saturday, 18 February 2012

ideas: bright interiors

i thought i would set myself a little personal challenge to find something interesting and different to feature on my blog at least once a week if not more... whether it be interior ideas like today, photographer/artist inspiration ideas, recipe ideas... anything really, just something to keep it a bit different! :) 

today's post comes from my constant love of different interior designs.. i could look round houses all day long (i have to confess; location, location, location is one of my all time favourite tv shows!) i just love seeing how people inject their personalities in their homes, and truly create their own pieces of heaven, and really turn their houses into a home. i honestly cannot wait to have a place of my own and truly make it my home. 

although not my personal favourite style (i'm more of a pretty, florally, girly sort of person) Lisa Congdon's home is absolutely gorgeous. i love how she combines all these bright colours and it never looks too much or out of place, there are frames of artwork everywhere and all trinkets and treasures are proudly displayed. i'll definitely be taking some of this talent as inspiration :) x 

love the vibrant green!

such a colourful collection

i am in AWE of this plate display...

i want this shelf and all these frames

love the simplicity of three large frames side by side above the bed, perfect when there is no headboard.

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