Monday, 2 April 2012

keep on going...

via pinterest
the next six weeks are going to be tough to say the least, not only do i have two assignments due this week, in three weeks time i've got three finals - eeek!! BUT then comes my amazingly long summer holidays.... so i can't really complain (maybe just a little bit), so to get through these next few weeks, i'm going to need a lot of will-power which mostly comes in the form of cutee photos i find from raiding pinterest and an ultimate keep going playlist! i have included a little excerpt from the songs keeping me on track for these next two deadlines on friday...

send me on my way, rusted root
do you believe in magic, the lovin spoonful
you make my dreams come true, hall and oats
punching in a dream, the naked and famous
here comes the sun, the beatles
banana pancakes, jack johnson
steal my sunshine, len
depectacon, le tigre (reminds me mostly of canadian times!)
cobrastyle, teddybears sthlm and mad cobra
twist and shout, the beatles
dancing in the moonlight, king harvest

hope you enjoy these as much as i do! :) x 

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