Tuesday, 29 May 2012


my mum has done incredibly well, the past six months she has been working on changing bad eating habits and learning to really love the gym and doing lots of exercise - the change in my mum has been extraordinary, not only is she looking fantastic but you can tell she is so much happier within herself...all her hard work has definitely inspired me to try and eat a bit more healthily :) and so on my road to a healthier me, i will try and include some yummy healthy recipes along the way, hope you enjoy! 

♥ smoked mackerel, fennel, apple and beetroot salad 

this salad was so scrummy, and the easiest thing to make!

-bag of mixed salad (i used the gorgeous baby spinach, rocket and slithers of beetroot bag)
-cooked beetroot (mild pickled, not the really pickled cans of beetroot!) 
-fennel bulb 
-any smoked fish you'd like (trout, mackerel, salmon flakes) 
-low fat natural yogurt or greek yogurt 
-freshly ground black pepper

place your mixed salad leaves in a bowl, top with chunks of the beetroot, fennel and apple, flake your fish into bite size chunks and add to salad. mix together a tbsp of your yogurt with a little horseradish (to taste) and the little fluffy bits from the top of your fennel bulb and drizzle over your salad. finish with freshly ground black pepper, a voila a yummy scrummy dinner, perfect for these warm summer evenings :) x 

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