Tuesday, 27 March 2012

a pocketful of sunshine

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the past three days have been abnormally amazing weather, i think today we hit 21 degrees and it is march! it has been lovely though, if not a bit of bad timing due to all the work at the moment, but its still been great getting some much needed sun rays (i think i even managed to burn my forehead in this scottish sun!!) i love how the student population in edinburgh almost quadruples in size and everyone moves out into the meadows, there is literally a sea of people and bbqs everywhere... it has been gorgeous just sitting in the sunshine, reading books and generally forgetting about everything that needs to be done. unfortunately tomorrow will be the last day of this amazing sunshine, and the weather will go back to the normal springish chill of this time of year... but fingers crossed our summer will be anywhere near as good as this! :) x

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