Saturday, 31 March 2012

turn your lights off

tonight between eight-thirty and nine-thirty is officially earth hour, and to commemorate this occasion everyone is asked to turn off their lights! so right now i am sitting in my lounge typing out my blogpost by candle light (i realise the use of my laptop isn't very earth hourish but its not plugged in so thought this would be allowed!), and it makes quite a nice change, i'm not one for bright lights anyhow but there is something quite magical about candlelight, i'm quite enjoying it really :) lots of iconic buildings are known to dramatically switch off all their lights in a stand against climate change, when living in toronto the city hall did just this, everyone gathered to watch the event and were treated with a free concert by candelight - it was gorgeous! i hope everyone enjoys their relaxing earth hour :) x 

really cute idea - we heart it

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